by Tara Nielsen


by Tara Nielsen

Melbourne then and now

by Tara Nielsen

An addendum to my early post on the Melbourne then and now project I worked on while at the paper back in 2012. Here's the complete collection. Enjoy :)

Photo credit HWT image library and the Argus file collection.

Happy Holidays

by Tara Nielsen

Happy Holidays from The Boulevard in Ivanhoe. A christmas light wonderland. Happiness is a warm summer night with pretty lights.

2014 here we come!

T xx

Windows Phone concept

by T-Bird in ,

A concept I'm working on that explores the way picture messages are treated in native mobile messaging apps. Currently in most mobile operating systems, pictures messages are stored in threads with text messages. Finding a picture requires arduous scrolling - often hidden and sandwiched between texts. It's hard to find picture messages, unless they're saved and stored in an album.

This concept could be included in any operating system, but I've shown an example within Windows Phone. Namely because I'm a win pho fan and wanted to explore the design language and motion principles for the operating system. I imagine iOS would have a button in the top right hand corner to switch views between texts and pictures. Android could have the native tab treatment to switch between views. As shown in the video, windows uses the pivot control.

It's not a revolutionary idea, just one that makes sense. I'd love to see this explored more and included in future releases.